Veterinary Services

Quality Healthcare for Dogs & Cats


For over a decade, Maple Grove Veterinary Clinic in Caro, MI has provided high quality veterinary care for dogs and cats. Together with her dedicated staff, Dr. Michelle Anthony, DVM strives to provide patients with the best surgical, medical, dental and general healthcare. Our team is committed to providing pet parents with the resources and information they need to help their pets live long, happy, and healthy lives.


Here at Maple Grove Veterinary Clinic, we have a passion for compassion. We believe in promoting responsible pet ownership and will work with you to find the treatment and care that best fits your dog or cat’s needs.



Our Veterinary Services


Maple Grove Veterinary Clinic and Pet ReTREAT offers a wide range of veterinary services for dogs and cats in the following areas:

Our wellness services include vaccinations, routine checkups and exams, flea, tick and heartworm prevention and more. Preventive care helps us identify health concerns before they become serious medical issues.

Regular visits to our office ensure we are able to monitor and track changes in your pet’s health. If your dog or cat is diagnosed with a health condition, such as heartworm and other parasites, we will work with you to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Our veterinary professionals perform a full range of surgical procedures ranging from routine spay and neuters to more complicated soft tissue procedures. We have a state of the art surgical suite and use the safest anesthetics available and use cardiac and respiration monitoring equipment to monitor vitals.

Maintaining a healthy mouth and clean teeth is important to your pet’s overall health. Bringing your dog or cat in for regular dental care can help them live a happier, healthier life. Removing tartar and plaque build up on your pet’s teeth can help prevent periodontal disease, which can lead to more serious health concerns such as brain abscesses, pain, oral cancer and more. We go out of our way to make sure your pet is comfortable during their treatments and will show you how to continue your pet’s dental care at home.

To monitor your pet’s internal organ function, we complete regular blood tests. These tests are essential in diagnosing disease in the kidneys, pancreas, liver, and more. Our in-house laboratory features state of the art blood analysers which can perform a range of tests. This helps us identify any significant changes in your pet’s health.

Radiographs are high quality, detailed x-rays used to identify the location of fractures, spot signs of heart disease, pinpoint the size of tumors and more. It is an essential tool in diagnosing your pet’s condition. A digital x-ray can be easily saved on a computer and viewed later. This is especially convenient if we need to email them to an outside specialist for a second opinion or referral. In addition, it is faster to process digital radiographs and no harsh chemicals are needed to produce the image.

Microchipping provide with a safe, permanent way to identify your pet in the event they become lost. The microchip is about the shape and size of a grain of rice and is placed just under the loose skin at the back of the neck. When a lost dog or cat is found, a veterinary technician or veterinarian will use a microchip scanner to check for a chip. If the pet has one, its number will be transmitted to the scanner and the pet owner’s contact information can be retrieved.

Maple Grove has provided pet boarding services in Caro, MI since 2008. Our “overnight camp”, Maple Grove Pet ReTREAT provides dogs and cats with comfortable, safe, and relaxing boarding services. We provide each camper with an individual campsite and the utmost care and attention.

For more information about our boarding services, please visit our kennel facility page.